My Honey design symbolism of bees and honey

My Honey design symbolism of bees and honey

When we are in love we call our loved ones is sweet name ''Honey''. But did you ever thought where it come from why we use this word.

Etymology dictionary ( says following:

honey (n.)

Middle English hony, from Old English hunig "honey," from Proto-Germanic *hunang- (source also of Old Norse hunang, Swedish honung, Old Saxon honeg, Old Frisian hunig, Middle Dutch honich, Dutch honig, Old High German honang, German Honig "honey"), of uncertain origin. Perhaps from a PIE *k(e)neko- denoting yellow, golden, or brownish colors (compare Sanskrit kancan- "golden," Welsh canecon "gold," Greek knēkos "yellowish"), or perhaps from a substratum word. Finnish hunaja is a Germanic loan-word.

The more common Indo-European word is represented in Germanic by the Gothic word for "honey," miliþ (from PIE root *melit- "honey"). A term of endearment from at least mid-14c.; extended form honey-bunch attested by 1904. Meaning "anything good of its kind" is 1888, American English. Honey-locust, North American tree, so called from 1743, said to be named from a sweet pulp made by Native Americans from the tree's beans.

honey (v.)

"to sweeten, cover with honey," mid-14c., from honey (n.). Related: Honeyed; honeying.

So it means lovers put honey on their skin to give their skin sweet taste? Probably, but we are sure there are something more to learn about honey and secret life of bees. Honey is known for centuries to humanity all around the world an could be used as great health booster and it It has been used as both a food and a medicine.

Probably in every single home has some sort of honey made by bees - one of the most important pollinators. Pollinators directly contribute to food production for humans. Nearly three quarters of the plants that produce 90 per cent of the world’s food require this external help.

Here was so much to read and learn about bees and honey, use of it in skin care and well being. So we decided to make one of our most loved designs ''My honey''. We started with our first wood phone cases and it become quit popular at that time.

My Honey wood phone case by Litha Creations France

My Honey Wood phone case by Litha Creations France


Bees itself is the symbol of activity, unstoppable work, diligence and perfect order, where everybody has its own place but all works together for service of queen or mother. In Christianity bees are symbol of all positive and sweet metaphors. Bees as symbol used as your personal totem means you are steeped in power, speaking to the sacred calling both of the individual and the collective. If you hear this inner voice calling stop and listen what it zooms in your head, follow the ideas like bees follow the magnetic fields of the Earth and always find where honey is. Could your new travel mug with honeycombs and bees managing your personal energy? Symbolism says ''Bees Totem gives you clarity about your path in life. Work is not a problem for you, nor is play.''

O, yes, but give me some rest:), bees are surrounded with most beautiful flowers even in their long journey from one to another and could go really far while bringing back full ''buckets with pollen''.

Every culture bring some new perspective in symbolism reading, Druids, for example,  had always very special relationship with trees, and, of course, bees and with the Earth at large. Bees were considered sacred to the Goddess. This is likely at least in part because Bees live in matriarchal societies. The Queen Bee representative of the Goddess and Divine Feminine.

Their hypnotic sound could be used as great meditation background just lay down in hot summer day in meadow close your eyes and listen and you will find the peace in your heart.

As our collection developed we also made Wood Travel mug with the same design and later also added thermos in the collection.

My Honey Wood Travel Mug by Litha Creations France

                     My Honey Wood Travel Mug by Litha Creations France


My Honey Wood Thermos Water Bottle by Litha Creations France

My Honey Wood Thermos Water Bottle by Litha Creations France


All these products could be customized with your name or other personalized text on request.

My Honey Wood Thermos Water Bottle with YOUR NAME by Litha Creations France

Do not hesitate to send us WhatsApp message.It is not only the great Christmas gift, but also very lovely birthday gift, employee gift, etc.

We are tested these bottles for few years now already and always take one with us what ever we go on beach or hiking. We found that filling it full with ice cubes holds water cold and fresh while we are tanning in hot sun at French Riviera beach. We have not very cold winters so it is hard to promise how long thermos could keep your drink hot in Northern country in middle of winter, but you can wrap it them in some additional isotherm bag and keep it hot longer.

Best regards and do not forget to order your thermos with promo code:


 My Honey wireless wood charger QI Pad for phone

 My Honey Wireless Wood Charger for QI Phone by Litha Creations France

If you wish to add your gift some secret meaning like Balance, Blessings, Community, Growth, Healing, Life, Patience, Productivity, Psychic Energy, Rebirth, choose My Honey design here.

Thank for visiting our page, feel free to share our wood gifts with friends and family.


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