Wood Business Gifts for Brand Awareness, Corporate Partners, Employees, Hotels and  Events

Wood Business Gifts for Brand Awareness, Corporate Partners, Employees, Hotels and Events

There is so many reasons why bigger or smaller business owners are looking for partnership with personalized business gift service providers. Most of them are offering large spectrum of business gifts made form different materials and has wide range of price spectrum affordable for every needs.
Litha Creations main customers are individual persons, who buy gifts for birthday, wedding parties or anniversary, graduation, and, of course, Christmas holidays, or just for themselves for daily use. But we also are realized several partnership projects with other business owners in last 5 years and we have our own strengths for this cooperation.
First of all it is became very trendy for different business owners in recent years to have personalized, natural, eco-friendly and sustainable gifts with some practical use, not only decorative purposes. You can buy hundreds of products with your logo from some big factory and get a great price for it, but if you need each piece to be personalized with names or even personalized engraved sentence than you have to look for artisan type business. That is where our path crosses, that is our specialty, we are happy to engrave 20 - 100 travel mugs with the your logo, employee names, event dates or make small collection of customized products for your own shop. We are in Europe and we are much more reactive to customer needs that some distant sellers from large international platforms. We also are customers to these big platform sellers as individuals and we know you had to wait too long to get any appropriate response if you are asking for something what should be considered as customized item.
Communication speed, availability, flexibility in service and quality check is second most important building block for us. We understand its importance very well, because we as business owners also were been in other side of screen. We had work in hospitality service and event management for years before we started this business, so we understand what our customers expect form us. Sometimes customer has only spark of idea, but it is very blurry and far from ready to go situation. Some customers have logos in all rainbow colors and these  need to transform before we can use them. Not all small business owners has their own graphic designer who can do it for them. Our customers very often are the same small business owners as we are - private hotels, restaurants, camping, public relation agencies, property business developers, architects and designers, science lab owners, insurance agencies, yoga practices, sustainable product promoters, event management and wedding agencies.
We also work with business startups, who are focusing of its own brand awareness gifts as additional product for their online shops. Some of them are very specialized and thematic shops, for example we had worked with shops who sell only product with designs of Flower of Life, Viking, Hemp, Flat Earth thematic or even branded clothing or tea and coffee shops. Ideas is infinitive. For those startup shops we offer drop shipping service which comes more and more popular and should be developed only based on good relationships and confidence.
Our main business wood gifts are sustainable bamboo fiber wrapped travel mugs or coffee tumblers and isotherm bamboo fiber wood water bottles or personal thermoses. It is such pleasant to hold in hand wood mug in any season of the year. We use them a lot ourselves when go to beach, here, in French Riviera, we have this privilege that we can swim all year around and after swimming hot tea in winter or cold icy drink in hot summer day is exactly what you need for sure. They keep our drink hot or cold depending from season and out needs.
Travel mug is our choice when we go in some longer drive by car or just visiting region and thermoses are in our backpacks when we walking on coastline, climbing on hard rocky Esterel Massif on Mediterranean coast or walk around Collines de Nice, this is a way how we prefer to spend our weekends.
Our latest product is cherry wood wireless phone charger, made 100% from wood which is very great option for all latest smartphone owners, you do not need to think which charger will fit for your phone,  just put it on induction charger and charge it. We make also customized power banks on request with integrated wireless charging option, this product we found so useful several times and use very often ourselves, especially when we take photos or movies in nature and when was not possible to charger phones with wire. We had sold our first edition already, but we are planning to launch a new product soon.
Each day is speeding up faster and faster for all of us in this digital age, daily communication became shorter and more distant, but we still believe that it is possible to stay connected and feel each other and energy we have around us that bring that little thing, but very meaningful joy in our lives that only human-human relations can give us.
Send us request and we will take care:)
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