Plain Cherry Wood Phone cases Samsung Galaxy S10

18.99 USD 

Samsung Galaxy S10 plain cherry wood phone cases made as fine quality carving in few millimeters thickness. 

When phone is dressed up it can be used easily without removing phone case. All kind of protection films should be removed from phone before you put phone case on it. Otherwise it would be harder to slide it on your phone. Please make sure you slide phone straight in phone case, do it slowly and do not use pressure to avoid splitting the wood.

See how to do it here:

PLEASE NOTE! Case is quite delicate, so please be gentle and use with care. We recommend to use wireless charger to charge your phone dressed up with phone case to avoid braking it by using a micro usb charging port.
Please avoid dropping it on ground, do not put it in your trouser pockets. 
Decorative phone case from natural wood reduces electromagnetic wave pollution and helps you to be close to mother nature in everyday life, pleasant in touch and has felt of engraved texture.

Phone case has soft black velvet linings for the best protection of your phone. Phone case consists from two separate parts made from one piece of wood has bamboo connection which hold phone case together. To remove phone case from phone please press gently on upper part of phone case and slide it off, do not use pressure.

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