Natural Wood Cover Notebook WENGE from Real Leather

84.39 USD 

100% Artisan Handmade Natural Wood Engraved Cover Notebook ''WENGE'' for your business plans, travel notes, diary, etc.

Guestbook for hotels, restaurants, exhibitions, weddings.
Personalized co-orporative gift.

We wish you could touch this book before buying. You will definitely fall in love with it.

''Every book is unique and has personal luxury touch'' - it was our main idea when we started to think about this book.
We chose the oak wood for our engravings. It is tradition for the Litha fire to be oak wood representing the God, since this is the time of year (midsummer time) when oak reaches its Zenith power.

Oak wood - native to the Northern Hemispher, very resistant to insect and fungal attack because of its high tannin content. In many ancient cultures at the Northern Hemisphere oak is tree of goddess.
Symbol of sovereignty, leadership, power, strength, generosity, protection, justice, honesty and bravery. Very strong in wood symbolism for men specially. Carrying any piece of the oak bring good luck to you.
Perfect choice for business people, helps boost energy levels and has ability to manifest goals.
Nice textured and has a very smooth polished finish.
Cover wood angles are smoothly rounded and gives a perfect finish feeling when you touch them.

Notebook cover is made with velour leather made from cattle skin - rough natural leather with velvety touch, embossed antique style book spine. Back cover leather angles are fixed with decorative brass corners.

Vanilla color lines paper is hand stitched in 250 pages. It is designed for frequent paging and use of bookmark.
The inner cover offset printed antique world map.

Dimensions: A5 format or 220 x 165 x 30 mm, weight 740 gr

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