Personalized Custom Engraved Wood Phone Case Sony Xperia Z5 Z3 Z2 and Z5 mini Z3 mini Z1 mini

24.26 USD 
Personalized Custom Order Engraved Wood Phone Case Sony Xperia Z5 Z3 Z2 and Z5 mini Z3 mini Z1 mini or compact.
BEFORE ORDER YOUR PHONE CASE FROM THIS LISTING PLEASE SEND US Personalized Custom Order Natural Cherry Wood Phone Case
Image has to be in size atleast 900 px wide in black and white, without shadows and very tiny details.

Quality of engraving you can see in close up photos.

That's all, it is so simple! Follow these steps:
1. Check out and make your payment, please leave the buyer note about design.
2. Design will be placed on your phone model and sent to you before engraving as preview of final product.
3. Design will be engraved on wood case, packed with care and shipped out in during of 1-2 business days
4. Usually Standard Shipping in Europe takes 2-3 working days, Worldwide as priority mail within 5-10 working days, but sometimes it takes more, all depends from your destination and local custom service procedure.

Fine quality natural cherry wood carved phone cases gives charm to your phone and you will fall in love with it.
When phone is dressed up it can be used easily without removing phone case.
Decorative phone case from natural wood reduces electromagnetic wave pollution and helps you to be close to mother nature in everyday life, pleasant in touch and has felt of engraved texture.
Phone case has soft black velvet linings for the best protection of your phone. Phone case consists from two separate parts made from one piece of wood and has metal or bamboo connection depend from phone model.

PLEASE NOTE! Case is quite delicate, so please be gentle and use with care. Avoid dropping it on ground, do not put it in your trouser pockets. All phone cases has to be used with original size earphones or appropriate adapter. Sony Xperia phone cases are made to use only with magnetic charger adapter.

All wood phone cases are artisan handmade and on custom request only after order is placed, wood texture could be variable and reflects natural wood texture, designs are adapted to any taste. We also engrave personalized design specially for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

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