CHRISTMAS 2022 Walnut Phone Cases Limited Edition

CHRISTMAS 2022 Walnut Phone Cases Limited Edition

At the end of 2022 Litha Creations France will launch a limited edition of plain wood phone cases for our phone case design collections. As you probably have noticed already, we have changed almost all our collections to new types of phone cases replacing old plain wood phone cases with combined biodegradable items. This change was caused by new smartphone model designs which are not suitable to carve plain wood phone cases because of the camera position and we should react to these new market conditions. All our designs are still available for new phone cases models, follow us on Instagram to see the latest updates.

However, a lot of customers still have older phones in use and they are not ready to give up the pleasant touch of the real wood. As farewell for our old collections we are offering a few designs from our collections engraved on Plain Wood Walnut Phone Cases for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus phone only. This is a very limited edition and will be offered to our customers at the end of 2022.

See full collection listing here.

You also can send us custom design requests via WhatsApp as always and we will engrave you own design especially for you.

Have a great holiday season at the end of 2022 and we wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR !

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