Would it be biggest secret of all ages?

Would it be biggest secret of all ages?

Once I asked my friend: How do you know we are living on a globe? He smiled at me and said : I know it has been in front of me since my childhood and I have globe Earth on my desk at home.  Haven't you seen any Earth photos from space taken by NASA?

What would be your answer?

Globe or it is plane, because that is what planet means.

Really? What else do we have as proof for it? Is solid firmament over Flat Earth that holds all water vapor in and has its own sun that warms all up? Could it be the biggest secret of all ages?

This concept could look really ridiculous before you start to check the facts and make your own research. I have to warn you, there will not be a way back, when you will start to research this topic even just for fun and curiosity.

It could be great brain exercise if you would like to prove it to yourself just strictly based on science and facts. I wish you a great time to explore this subject. I highly recommend the YouTube channel of Eric Dubay, who had enough bravery to open this huge subject for public discussion.

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