Mystical appearence of Letter L in your life.

Mystical appearence of Letter L in your life.

Some times people are asking us to engrave product with just one letter or integrate it in design.

But do you know each letter has it own mystical meaning and it own powerful message?

Lets see what stands for letter L .

Letter L means - Change is coming and you should pay attention to any strange situation you are faced.

It also reminds you do not be weak, frustrated or confused about your believes. Stand on your own ground do not allow someone to disturb it with false ideas, go for knowledge (improve your Literacy) yourself. Words Learning and Leadership also starts with letter L as many other important words who has deep meaning like Love and Life, Luck, Light, Land, Legacy, Law, Lesson and Letter (message). L can also mean a title - Lord, Lady and honor as Legion.

As all in this word also Letter L has it own shadow side, it is reflected in words Lies, Laziness, Loner and Lucifer. It is up to you on which force you will empower by your intention and where you focus your energy, would you prefer be a Lamb or Lion. Letting go is good way to get peace in mind and open Lotus flower for cosmic energy flow.

According to Kabbalah the letter L stands for the principle of power, it is an integral part of the name of God (Limmud), but in alchemy the letter L is decomposition and start of transformation.


-Lita- ( also with L)

in May 2019


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