SHOP Return & Refund Policies


If you did not received item in 4 weeks, please contact me directly, we all are human beings and any situation could be solved in peaceful way with respect and understanding. Most common ting is wrong postal address. if it is correct go to post office ask package on your name. If you are not collected your item in post office it will come back to us in a month. Our shop offers 30% refund for lost items without tracking or assist client open the case in post office if package with tracking is not received. In returned item case you should pay second time for shipping to receive this item.

Please note that item could be very delicate, unpack it carefully and with patience. Always keep original packaging. If item is damaged during the shipping it could be replaced during 3 days after received. Our shop don't offer refund, but only replacements. Refund could be offered only if replacement is not available. We are not accepting items back if you are changed your mind for any personal reasons. If you are not satisfied with quality of received item in some cases refund could be offered from shop, but no more than 50% from purchase price without shipping.
Please note ALL OUR PHONE CASES ARE PERSONALIZED ITEMS has not be changed or refunded. They are made only after order is placed with your chosen engraving image on specific phone case. if you are ordered wrong phone case model, we can offer you only 30% off for your next phone case or you can use your warranty option for free replacement.
In the EU you have the right to return these purchases within 14 days for a full refund. You can do so for any reason – even if you simply changed your mind.
This DOES NOT APPLY, among others, to goods made to order or clearly personalized.

If you broke your item in first 30 days after receiving, you can get our generous 30% discount for next one, the same phone case and design, in this case please contact me by mail ASAP. For extra warranty please read shipping policies above.

If you are change your mind and would like to cancel transaction later that 2h after you bought it, we can refund you only 50%, shipping costs will not be reimbursed. You have to understand that ALL ITEMS in our shop is specially engraved on custom request and can't be sold again.

If the phone case appears faulty then we are offering our solutions, if the customers are not willing to accept out solutions we are asking to return the phone case on there own charge and we will send a replacement for free.

Please keep in mind! We are not offering full refund as big corporation slogan do ''Buy and get full refund'' it is not our shop's policies. We are working in France and we cannot apply this slogan to our shop's policies for European country, as do the Asian countries with cheap labor, resources and infrastructure.

Once order is placed you had confirmed that you are read, understood and accepted my Shop Policy.