6 Groomsman Gifts | One Side Engraving + Names Engraved Wood Travel Mugs

158.23 USD 

6 Groomsmen Gifts with different images and names on other side.

Send us your image on email: lithacreations@gmail.com

Mug 1:
Text: Chip
Image: Dachshund
File Name: Chip.jpg

Mug 2:
Text: Colin
Image: Eagle
File Name: ColinC-02.jpg

Mug 3:
Text: Lucas
Image: Golden Spiral
File Name: LucasA-01.jpg

Mug 4:
Text: Tom
Image: Fish.jpg
File Name: Tom

Mug 5:
Text: Logan
Image: Mushrooms
File Name: Vintage Amanita design

Mug 6:
Text: Will
Image: Hound
FIle Name: Will.jpg

PERFECT MUG for ALL SEASONS and ALL CONTINENTS - coffee, tea or other hot drink in cold winter or
cold ice drinks in hot summer day on the beach, long desk drinks will stay hot longer, also fits for baby food, cyclists energy drinks, vegan cocktails, liquid diet etc.

Your personalized image should be at least 900 px wide in black and white without shadows or tiny details. Bamboo fiber has quite heavy grain and small details will not looks good on it. Please see examples in attached listing photos.

Please consider carefully your shipping option. We offer tracking information only for additional price as well as Gift option. Please read shipping policies before check out.

Travel mug is made from stainless steel wrapped with decorative engraved bamboo fiber. Lid has soft silicon rubber gripper band that fits perfectly on the mug, it is easy to remove for filling or washing, it also has sliding on/off lid option on the top and non-skid base pad. Engraving decoration is made by high quality engraving laser and every mug is finished by hand polishing to reach as best result as possible, because bamboo grain has quite heavy texture and could still visible also after engraving.

Just note that this is a travel mug and not a airtight or water-tight container, the mug have to be kept upright, if you turn it upside down, it could leak.

Diameter at the top is 8,5 cm or 3.35 in
Diameter at the bottom 6,5 cm or 2.55 in
Total height of the cup 17,5 cm or 6.88 including the lid.
Volume 420 ml or 14.2 oz

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