Borosilicate Glass Jar Heat Resistant Seed of Life

36.92 USD 

Borosilicate Glass Kitchen Jar Heat Resistant Food grade eco-friendly with Seed of Life Engraved bamboo lid



Engraved bamboo lid with borosilicate kitchen jar. It is a heat resistant food grade eco-friendly. Bamboo lid is natural antibacterial material, it has food grade silicon ring around it to insure airtight close of container .

Jar is safe for food storage cold, or hot, dried or liquid. Avoid bamboo lid to touch any of yor liquids in jar, it could change the color of bamboo fiber.

Glass is safe to use in washing machine.

Volume: 850 ml borosilicate glass jar,
Dimensions: D 8 cm, H with lid 21 cm.

If you would like to personalize yoir jars or make kitchen collection, please send me an email and I will try to answer all your question.

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