SPICES Wood Thermos Vacuum Flask

36.92 USD 

Engraved Wooden Thermos Vacuum Flask SPICES Original Bamboo Wood Stainless Steel with Screw Lid.

Diameter  6,5 cm or 2.55 in
Total height of the cup 20cm or 7.87 in, including the lid.
Volume 380 ml or 12.8 oz

Thermos is made from stainless steel (approved by FDA to use for food) and wrapped with decorative engraved bamboo fiber. It has screw lid that allows you to carry it with you in a bag without leaking out. It also contains small tea strainer for herbal infusions.

It keeps your drink hot very long time, we tested it for 9 hours it was still hot. After 29 hours it was still warm.
Engraving decoration is made by high quality engraving laser and every mug is finished by hand polishing to reach as best result as possible, because bamboo grain has quite heavy texture and still could be visible also after engraving.

Use only hand-washing, this thermos SHOULD NOT BE WASHED IN DISHWASHER !!! It could damage the bamboo fiber and engraving.

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