Could Salamander go trough the fire?

Could Salamander go trough the fire?

In alchemy salamander is known as spirit of fire and the Prima Materia. Leonardo da Vinci said the only food Salamander needs is the fire, which renews the creature’s skin. Paracelsus went further, saying the Salamander was a Fire Elemental.

According to etymology salamandre means "legendary lizard-like creature supposed to live in fire," from Old French salamandre "legendary fiery beast". Aristotle, and especially Pliny, are responsible for the fiction of an animal that thrives in and extinguishes fires. They lives in damp logs and secretes a milky substance when threatened, but there is no obvious natural explanation for the myth that these creatures can live in the fire. The word also was given as a name to a type of imaginary elemental of fire in late 17th century.

If it comes to you in your dreams it symbolizes your ability to survive through shame, misfortune, and mistakes you are captivated by great trip and have an impressive sense of self organization.

If salamander visit your home, consider yourself lucky as it could restoring the work-home balance in your life. However be aware it also could be witch sneaking around and gathering information about your private life or business.

Choosing salamander as your spiritual guide you can improve your level of sensitivity, it helps you to unleash the power that for long has been dormant within you. Light up your fire and be ready for transformation and let its energy bring you to the surface again. People believe the creature could walk through flames and come out without the least sign of damage. So it’s not surprising to discover the Salamander had symbolism similar to the Phoenix-rebirth, immortality, power, rebirth, passion and the ability to withstand flames.

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