What is common to Snake, Swan and Spider ?

What is common to Snake, Swan and Spider ?

Last time I told you about letter S from very ancient historical, alchemical and occultic aspect, but how about some animal associations with letter S. Here is what I personally found interesting about letter S.

1. First what could come in mind to everybody is the snake is a common animal symbol that starts with the letter S. Snakes have various meanings in different cultures and religions, such as wisdom, healing, transformation, rebirth, temptation, and sin.

For example, in ancient Greece, snakes were associated with Asclepius, the god of medicine and healing, who had a staff with a snake coiled around it. This symbol is still used today by medical organizations.

In Hinduism, snakes are revered as nagas, divine beings that protect water sources and bring fertility and prosperity.

In Christianity, snakes are often seen as evil and deceptive, as in the story of the Garden of Eden, where the serpent tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit.

2. The swan is another animal symbol that starts with the letter S.

Swans are usually associated with beauty, grace, elegance, and purity.

They are also symbols of love and fidelity, as they mate for life and form strong bonds with their partners. For example, in Greek mythology, swans were sacred to Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. 

In Celtic mythology, swans were shape-shifters that could transform into humans or other animals. 

In Chinese culture, swans are symbols of harmony and happiness, as they are pronounced as he or hong, which sound like the words for harmony and happiness.

3. There is another creepy creature - the spider the another animal symbol that starts with the letter S.

Spiders are often associated with creativity, cunning, patience, and fate. They are also symbols of the web of life and the interconnectedness of all things. For example, in Native American cultures, spiders are revered as creators and teachers. One of the most famous spider figures is Spider Woman or Spider Grandmother, who is said to have woven the world into existence and taught humans how to weave and make pottery. 

In African cultures, spiders are often depicted as tricksters and storytellers. One of the most famous spider characters is Anansi, who is known for his cleverness and wit. 

In European cultures, spiders are sometimes seen as omens of good or bad luck, depending on their color and behavior. I remember my mother saying to do not press the spider if its is in the house let him live as it could bring and good luck. I still no not press them, I let them out of house to make their webs somewhere else to catch the flies and other creepies of halloween stuff:)





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