Why we did stop selling plain wood phone cases in 2022?

Why we did stop selling plain wood phone cases in 2022?

2022 year has entered the finish trail and I did not write a lot about changes we did this year at Litha Creations France. Starting from March, 2022 we have changed almost all our collections to new types of phone cases replacing old plain wood phone cases with combined biodegradable versions of phone cases. However we have not managed to change all listing photos, so look at all listing photos to see new versions, we will continue to publish them in 2023 as it all takes more time than we would like. Combined wood phone cases are made from biodegradable TPU bodies and have a natural cherry wood plate on the back when design is engraved on.

This change was caused by new smartphone model designs which are not suitable to carve plain wood phone cases because of the camera position and we should react to these new market conditions.

I know it is painful and a lot of you loved our plain wood phone cases just like it does for us.

I still use one of these old babies for myself and can't change it to the new one, but I have quite an old phone from Samsung Galaxy series, which is in very good shape so I do not feel I would need to change it.

However my husband was the first customer testing the new model and he appreciated the new version a lot.

He said, of course, he misses the wood edges around the screen, but it feels lighter in the hand and is not so bulky anymore. It has easier access to all buttons and that is the real deal, isn't it? Especially if you are a different gadget geek and use different phone extension accessories.

New version has flexible edges and also allows the use of screen protection film, which is widely used for most of the smartphone users, especially those who are always in a hurry.


We kept almost all our designs available for new phone cases models, just few so called our antiques were replaced with rising star designs created as inspiration from our Etsy customers and followers on Instagram. To see the latest news of our wooden phone cases take a look in our Facebook and Instagram profiles.

And now the best thing ever happened in Litha Creations France, we received only good reviews about these new models, except a few very negative ones from people who can't accept changing old models to new one.

As a lot of our customers and potential clients still use older edition smartphones and they are not ready to give up the pleasant touch of the real wood. As farewell for our old collections we made Special Limited Editions of some old models with few designs from our collections. For example for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus plain walnut wood phone cases were made and for Huawei P20 Pro rosewood phone cases and our preferred cherry wood phone cases were made for Huawei P20. Few leftovers for even older models are still available, just send us a message if you own one of the older smartphone versions, maybe we still have some in our stock.

This is a very limited edition and will be offered to our customers at the end of 2022 and probably also in 2023.

For stubborn folks, including myself :), who refuse to accept the new version, we have decided to keep an open offer to custom request for some specific models if technically a plain wood phone case is possible to make.

See plain wood phone case collection listings here, and send us a message to say how you like them.

You also can send us a request to make your own custom design via WhatsApp as always and we will engrave your own design only for you for a very friendly price.

Have a great holiday season at the end of 2022 and we wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR !

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