Story behind the 8 years of Litha Creations France shop

Story behind the 8 years of Litha Creations France shop

This year, in June 21, Litha Creations France shop in Etsy celebrates 8 years opening and 4 year of of our own webpage and online shop.

So I decided to look back now, and share our story behind the shop with more than 14 500 sales only in Etsy alone and tell you how it all started.  Even to myself it seems as very exciting journey. Life is just the path and I like to move on and look more ahead then back. As much experience you can gather in this life as much better and more interesting it becomes. After 5 years living as expats in France and jumping from, one job to another trying to find our way to live in foreign country, I had to choose where to go and which road to choose for future, I wanted to slow down a little bit, be more with my family and at the same time work in international environment and be independent in my thoughts and time schedule. I always wanted it till my young age and now when I am looking back I maybe never was very suitable for 9 - 5 frame work. I always wanted to finish my work as soon as possible and do what my inner voice calls  for:)  It was not easy decision to become self-employed in foreign country with such a high living costs as it is in South of France and especially in French Riviera, but sometimes you just have to jump in cold water to get a motivation and learn to swim:).  Our family have tradition for several years already now to keep swimming in Mediterranean sea even in winter time, it helps to keep fit, keep focus, and serves as good excuse to go offline in this digital age, when most of time we stay in front of our gadget screens. I was wrong about slowing down, but at least I liberated myself from business costumes, business lunches and other unnecessary business etiquette spending and home cleaning is not anymore in my Saturday's must to do list :) I can do it on the way.

to french vintage markets, we love things made with human hands and with real artistic value, made from natural materials or items with story. So we started to collect lot of vintage french home decors and lighting, but it all ended with so many nice stuff, that we started even sell something out in Etsy :), it was a way how we became familiar with Etsy platform and why we opened our first Etsy shop. It was just a start at this platform, but it was more like hobby and fun, because everybody who loves vintage items knows how addicted and interesting this hobby could be.  I was so excited and inspired by many french artisans who makes their little cozy things found all around in small touristic boutiques. Everybody who comes to France loves french boutiques so much and, of course, I wanted to create and sell something like that myself with unique taste of France.

It took a long time of thinking, imagination and calculation before we reached the point and were ready to start our own independent business activity. All started very unexpected and now sounds much more like a joke or accident. My husband who is very life gifted visioner by nature and scientist, alchemist and artist in one with very sensitive heart was bought a new smartphone and he wanted to find unusual, natural and energetic phone case and he found wood phone case what he loved a lot. Back then we even did not knew that wood phone cases exist.

Our first idea was to make wood phone case decorated with natural ambers, but idea was too complicated to realize. I was thinking about how to glue them on wood and was to looking for some wood engraving options. Amber idea was abandoned and that would be such a waste of this magical material by putting it in temporally item as people change phone so offten, but wood phone case engraving was interesting enough to start with.


Here is our first ever engraved phone case for HTC M7, made from rosewood and still in very good condition, just become a little bit darker in last years.


on January 2016, leaving us with very expensive express shipping as only option, this decision was very painful and we needed to postpone our new product launch for 6 month, after that this shipping option was renewed for professional customers. But  this decision had tragic consequences for many artisans, so many shops did not survived these 6 months period and was pressed to close their online shops or stay and stagnate in local level.

These was just a few example what everyday challenges can look like for small online seller and artisans, who make they own products not just reselling ready to ship items or work as drop shoppers.  Since second part of 2016 we are grown by each year and now selling several collections of wood phone cases for more than 33 different models and more that 400 designs.  We offer also wood travel mugs, small daily thermoses with our designs and make a lot of personalized items with customers designs and photos. We had realize many business gift projects and wish to develop our business even more in this direction, we have also partners now in other countries who sell our products in their local gift, coffee or tea shops.  In last 4 years we are launched new wood accessories as wireless wood chargers and we had made also small edition of customized power banks. New edition of plain cherry wood chargers are made according to our design are available in our permanent collection.

My heart hobby is to make brass sacred geometric mobiles or himmeli, which I also love to make time to time, but in very limited quantities and only on request. My favorite mobile sculpture is 3D flower of life himmeli which I made for first time in 2012, inspired by Nassim Haramein's reaserch. At that time he did not had yet such a pendant for himself, so I suppose I was first one who made it and published in internet:).

Can you imagine my surprise finding my mobile pendant sculptures with completely copied item description published in Ebay by unknown person, but this sellers was taken down very quickly on my request. That's a reality of internet zoo:) It is not always easy to stand up for women and small business owner against people with distorted inner moral compass. I always had supported and backed by my husband, when I feel offended and can't find inner power to stand up for myself,  his moral support and pure men logic helps me a lot to overcome and to find balance with my emotions.

Now we are entering in second year of world wide lockdowns, it is best what could happen if you are online shop owner. Customers moving trough internet in record high speed, looking for infinite source of inspiration driven by human creativity. It is time to change and look in future where creators and end customers coming together much more easier than ever.

Start chat with us right now from you WhatsApp in phone.

I think everybody who ever run a business can agree that it is not only a product who makes you successful, but it is much more about people and team you have  and unlimited human creativity, that is most important value you ever can have.

Thank you for reading and follow us on social media platforms, press likes and share our gifts with friends. We are living in time when human-human connection is most important than it ever been before.

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