Our shop offers following shipping options for customers in France, Europe and also for most economic active countries worldwide, like United states of America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and more. If you do not find your country in shipping estimation contact us and we will add your country to list.

For all products in weight less than 2 kg - phone cases, travel mugs, thermoses. chargers

Standard shipping is most economic option we offer to customers who are looking for best price. Standard shipping allows as send you some product even free of charge. Just note with standard shipping you will notable to  track your package. Package usually reach their destination in 3 days in France, 8 days in Europe and 14 days in most of economic countries around the world. It could take up to 3 months to reach some particular countries in Asia or South America. Processing time for standard shipping is usually 1-3 days depending from how busy we have at this particular period of time, it also can be postponed by shop if necessary to fulfill priority and express shipping orders. We can suggest this shipping if you are not in hurry and are ordered your items well in advance.

Priority shipping is second economic shipping option but it will give you simple tracking number provided by French post office as shipping company that allows you to follow package in big steps. For example you will be able to see when package is sent out, when left the France, when arrived in your country and when and were was distributed. This is most convenient service for our customers who buy less expensive items, but still wish to be able to track their item. Processing time for this type of shipping is the same as for standard shipping usually 1-3 days, depending from how busy we have at this particular period of time, it also can be postponed by shop if necessary to fulfill express shipping orders. 

Express Shipping is fast shipping service provided by shipping company Colissimo and it promises delivery in France within 2 days, in Europe 5 days, in most of economic active countries 9 days. Third world countries this service could take a little bit more, even till 21 days to very far countries. Express shipping is best choice for last minute gifts,  bulk orders, business gifts. Processing time for this shipping depends from amount of items we should to provide you. If it is just a one items as gift, it will be dispatched in one day. Delivery of Business gifts and bulk orders will be confirmed individually.

Above 2 kg we offer only Express Shipping

GIFT option is offered with all shipping options and included nice presented gift wrapping for your items, these orders will not include order invoice, so it is great option to send gift nicely wrapped directly to your friends or family members who lives far away.

If you have some special needs for delivery, please do not hesitate to contact us.