Asanoha Geometric Pattern Explained

Asanoha Geometric Pattern Explained

Word Asanoha is more common in Japan than in other parts of the world. But what does it mean?

It's based on shape of hexagon, but did you see that it looks like a hemp leaf? Various sources tell us that “Asa” means hemp and “ha” means leaf.

Hm, interesting, especially because this pattern is so old and has been known since 8th century in Japan culture. The hemp plant is a fast-growing and very resistant plant that produces a tall straight tree in as little as four months and its imagery is associated with growth and children's health, so it is usually used in children clothing. Use this pattern on phone case means not only physical protection, but also protection from harm or evil spirits and symbolizes a good and healthy growth, vigor, resistance or resilience, and of course prosperity. This pattern has ‘no season’ and can be worn throughout the year.

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