Beauty of Peacock to Embrace your own Nobility

Beauty of Peacock to Embrace your own Nobility

When we with my partner were thinking about Litha Creations animal collection designs for phone cases way back in 2014, we were sure we wish some design with peacock in our collection. First what came in mind was our association with Art Deco period in 1930's when peacock feathers was very popular attribute and was used almost everywhere starting form interior design to ladies hats and headbands. We love home decors from this period very much, so we had personal reasons why we choose these particular designs for our products. It is always interesting to look symbolism used in designs, hidden language what only our unconscious mind can read.
The Peacock is old Christian Symbol and represents eternal life and the Resurrection because it sheds its old feathers each year and grows new ones. Peacock in our unconscious mind is connected to royalty, even it is quite disadvantage as bird, he can't fly high like the hawk or the eagle, but it doesn’t need flight in order to dominate. Peacock’s look is its most important asset to survive. It does not have the wisdom of the heron, but it does not need wisdom in order to dictate. Its plumes are like the robes of royalty, and its head is crowned like a monarch. But it’s also reminding you to not take yourself too seriously but carry yourself in a dignified manner. In South Asian and especially Indian symbolism, the peacock is the god of war, which directly ties the bird again into a regal background. The peacock is a heavenly animal enshrined in a constellation for people in Burma and Sri Lanka. Persian belief is replaced lions with the peacocks as guardians to the halls of royalty.

Peacock also is a symbol of vanity because of its beauty and the way it displays his feathers. It shows his integrity and the beauty we can achieve when we endeavor to show our true nature. You can use the powers of the peacock when you need more vibrancy and vitality in your own life and experience, to embrace your own nobility. You can walk straight and be proud as peacock does! In mythology and legends the peacock symbolism means Nobility, Holiness, Guidance, Protection and Watchfulness.


When peacock spread it tail plums as all over watching eyes fan it is such a magnificent moment than it definitely reminds Alex Grey paintings with thousands eyes just made by touch of universal wisdom and mother nature.
Peacock is power animal for performers, artists, or anyone who just need a boost to do something, call him and it comes to helping you gain confidence. It is not a secret that all great artist and performers also had big EGO, but it is nature of any society, somebody will be a performer and somebody always will be only watcher:)

Peacock’s eye-filled plumage helps it bluff its way out of potential danger from other animals. His power is his bluff, you need to “fake it till you make it”, the peacock is exactly what you need to help it happen. Glimpses of the peacock’s ability to masquerade may be seen in the many trickster characters the First People have in cultures of South Asia and Africa and still is used with great success in modern society. We see more and more people much easier believe in bluff than in truth, and it is much more easier to blind them with bright and colorful feathers.
So the peacock’s beauty represents both a positive and negative aspect, and we could all live better lives if we learn how to appreciate both sides.

I really recommend you read more about symbolism of peacocks in art and culture described by Anna Hoffman in her very delicious blog Fine Feathers: A Brief History of the Peacock as Decoration

Thank you for reading this story behind the designs of peacocks from our collection.

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In April, 2020


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