Flower of Life - Why it is important as symbol?

Flower of Life - Why it is important as symbol?

Flower of life is very fashionable symbol in this age of human consciousness expansion and most common symbol in almost all ancient civilizations and religions is found all around world. See more here:

Why this symbol was and is so important for humanity? Remember numerology is important, what is real story behind seven days of creation?


It is a basic geometric pattern for all living things on the planet EARTH. First cells of all living organisms started with this geometric pattern as a sphere in microscopic level. At starts with fusion of two cells - symbol of vesica piscis shape, what is origin of ‘’Jesus fish’’.



New organism are developing as a sphere in sphere formatting Holy Trinity. 


It continues to divide and Seed of Life is formed with first 8 living cells. The Seed of Life represents the seven stages or steps, or days of creation.Around these 8 cells there is already a sphere - zona pellucida, also known as seed of life.

The cells are in shape of cube and circle at the same time.


Cells are continues to divide coming smaller and smaller until reach number 512 cells in limited outer membrane that is fixed. Size of regular human body cell is formed and we find this stage as Flower of Life before first human organ - heart starts to form.

What is difference of all these flower of life symbols?      

Two lines around the flower of life pattern means this stage in woman womb when size of normal human cell is reached and number of cells are 512. The inner and outer circle means thickness of the membrane of zona pellucida or egg coat and also has perfect in proportion. 


Sacred geometry flower of life pattern without double lines around it, symbolize infinite sacred geometry pattern that includes Metatron’ s Cube structure called also Fruit of Life. 

Cabalistic Tree of Life fits perfectly over the pattern of the Flower of Life. The Tree of Life in movement is a Universal Glyph or button of changes, catalyst of the pattern of consciousness. This pattern can be transposed over any mystical system.

According to Nassim Haramein The Flower of Life is the 64 Tetrahedron grid: the mother and father of the geometry of the fabric space…

The flower of life is shown in “2D” in this image and is actually a “3D” structure like the 64 tetrahedron grid above it: 64 tetrahedrons with a sphere around each tetrahedron, creating a perfectly space-filling 3D flower of life lattice.

This same pattern continues inward and outward, both bigger and smaller toward infinity. It is the theorized underlying geometric structure of everything in the entire Universe… You will enjoy this powerful mobile moving and playing with shadows at your home from Litha Creations.

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