Engraved sensory organ applifies your magnetism

Engraved sensory organ applifies your magnetism

Researchers are finding that the heart is much more than a muscle to pump blood through the body. 60 – 65% of the heart cells are neural cells, which are just like brain cells. Coherence is two forces heart and brain working together for and generating positive energy. Our heart’s rhythms reflect the actual emotion that each rhythm is connected to. Many religions use this coherence between the heart’s rhythms and emotions to produce a field that one can focus on and control to accomplish many internal system objectives and using heart’s energy field as a form of healing both physically and spiritually.

The most powerful force from the heart would be enough to shoot water six feet into the air.  The amount of force that is actually needed to move the blood through the entire length of the body’s blood vessels would lift a one hundred pound weight one mile high.

The heart has its own stored memories and processes meaning within a variety of emotional experiences.

The heart is vastly more than a muscular pump. It is one of the most powerful electromagnetic generators and receivers known.  It is, in fact, a highly sensitive organ of perception and communication.

 The oscillating electromagnetic waves of the heart emit waves 5000 times more powerful than the brain.  This is measurable by modern instruments up to 10 feet from the body.


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in October 2018


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