Meaning of Quetzalcoatl Design

Meaning of Quetzalcoatl Design

Sea Monster - green feathered or plumed serpent - snake - Quetzalcoatl from our Nautical collection is one of most respected symbols in Mexican mythology associated with rain and clouds, also deity who us important for vegetation to grow. For sailors it means strong winds and storm.... In ancient world seems it watched over everything what happening on Earth, no only over the sea and had many other deities around him with even more complicated names. 

Kelly Moore in her's blog about Quetzalcoatl wrote: ''Quetzalcoatl is often referred to as The Feathered Serpent and was connected to the planet Venus. He was also the patron god of the Aztec priesthood, of learning and knowledge. Today Quetzalcoatl is arguably the best known Aztec deity, and is often thought to have been the principal Aztec god.'

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If you choose this design as gift for somebody than better read full story about this symbol, it is very powerful and could be more appropriate for charismatic political leader or strong and successful business man.



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