Personalized engravings as gifts - photo, images, quotes, names, dates, how to choose?

Personalized engravings as gifts - photo, images, quotes, names, dates, how to choose?


This morning I received email from Margie and it gave me inspiration to write this blog post. She is not only one who has these questions, so hope it will be helpful for others too.

She wrote me: I am very interested in the travel mug for a very good friend (well we're actually dating for a few months now :-)). I would love to add the following proverb but wanted to get your take if I should add something else on the opposite side (maybe my initials, date or some sort of a pic) not sure.

"The Seeker Of Knowledge Will Never Have Enough" African Proverb

I would love to get some ideas from you, if possible.

I answered to Margie to give her some ideas and decided to extend my answer even much more deeper here.

That's is always a great idea to offer some personalized gift to our friends or family, and we are realized so many personalized mugs with very meaningful phrases and sometimes also very stupid phases:) Items with dates, names, initials or photos for couples with their special moments - wedding or travel, daily scenes with babies, dogs and cats. Every couple has its own secret places, events, special moments to remember.  So, I really not sure how anyone from outside, like me, can choose personalized design for your special friends that can reflect importance of your relationship.

You can find some of personalized  engraving at our instagram account, but it just a small part we are engraved in last 5 years. Just think about your special feelings or places you where visited together, may some simple thing can remind to him about your special moment. You also can choose some quote from good book or movie.

If you are just a new couple and still have lot of ''should be' emotions is in the air, you can choose some very traditional design for man from our own collection and add your text to it. Any tree design, like - Olivier (Olive tree), Tree of knowledge, some geometric pattern like Squares, could be good for man.

If you are looking for gift to young woman, small wild flowers or any other fine flower pattern like Wild Poppies, Rose Buds, Spring Blossom, Poppy Row or single Sunflower would be very appropriate choose, just add her's name or some sentence to it an it will be great. Flowers in full blossom specially roses or peonies will be great gift to mom.

All flowers has its own story to tell and it own meaning, symbolism, even historically and culturally same flowers could be interpreted differently. For example  Chrysanthemums generally symbolize longevity, fidelity, joy and optimism, but it also remind us of autumn. Swiss cheese plant or Monstera deliciosa plant with its magnificent leaves was very popular in 20th century 60s - 70s and still are very common plant almost in every house in the world and it still has its special place French Riviera houses, this plant also is often presented in artworks of famous mid-century french artists, who lived and work here at that time. 

I will write more about flowers, plants and its symbolism or place in culture and history soon again as I had studied biology and botany always was my favorite subject I always love to learn more about different flowers and plants.

My favorite Cats Love design or any other design with cute cat is also cute to express your feelings to some closed one. Remember cat at home is our communicator with other dimensions and we are living in its field :)

Flower of Life or any other sacred geometric design will be a good reminder of natural circle of life and universal order.

If you love to talk about essence of life and try to find your own matrix and quantum loops you can choose some more philosophic design from psychedelic design collection.

It is really to hard give any suggestion from my side, because I do not know you and your friend, your mom, wife or husband, but I hope some of my reflections will initiate your own ideas.

If you would like to engrave your own image, you should choose it should choose big good quality image at least 900 px wide in size (size of image you can see in google under each photo as numbers like this 900 x 600).

Send it us on email and we will help you to get it done.
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Have a nice day and be in touch again soon.



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