The Power of Touch, you may also have a HEALERS HANDS

The Power of Touch, you may also have a HEALERS HANDS

Did you ever heard abut the power of Touch? Why is it important and how you can use it in your own daily life?

Touch is a very simple, but incredibly powerful way to release healing energy in your body, remove blockages and stored stress in your body, especially spine.

Touch is a basic human need, but it is largely absent from “modern” life, where it is possible to live and work without ever physically contacting another human being. We even used to apologise if we bump into each other at the supermarket or while walking, as if touch were almost offensive!  But deep inside it feels so disconnecting, because we are social beings (some even say just animals) and we can't live without touches. 

Compassionate, healing touch increases oxytocin - the “feel good” chemical which helps us relax and feel connected again, and there are many healing modalities like massage and Reiki which focus on this kind of touch.

Touch could be used not only to restore ease and healing energy to other person, but also gives you huge amount of information as well.

As you train your sensitivity, you can learn how to find the location of your blockages and feel how long stress has been stored in the body. Just by touching the skin in the different layers you can sense whether the cause of someone’s symptoms is due to physical or emotional stress, or even chemical toxins stored in the body.

Just try to unlock your own ability to sense and receive information, it is possible to anybody, even if you don’t think you’re a healer or have “healing hands”.

Now you know the story behind the idea of design Healer hands. But it is also important what your hands touching just by holding the phone. Did you ever thought about what kind of material it is? Is it feel natural, warm and has pleasant touch?


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