Why it is so painful if you are not hugged?

Why it is so painful if you are not hugged?

Did you still remember what you missed the most at time of pandemia and lockdowns?

Some of you probably even do not want to think about anymore, not even want to remember or talk about it. So painful that was for so many, that our brain just blocks out this terrifying experience. But how ever your mind badly tried to block these feelings, your body remembers everything and it does not lie. It was real pain you felt from distancing, not being with your friends, coworkers, parents, kids or grandchildren etc.

People are social beings and we can't survive in limited environment without serious side effects. Did you ever had thought about how important the touch is for you from many aspects of our health, including your mental state.

Now when we can hugging again, we know its not only makes us feels good, but it also has huge impact on our mental state and common mood. We use to feel two different touches fast and slow, fast could be not very pleasant and could be even disturbing. Ask anybody how unpleasant is sudden and quick touch, it almost always will trigger automated avoidance reaction. But slow touch or hug gives completely different feeling, it is warming and  brings you so much positive emotions, you feel welcomed, loved, cared and signaling us rewarding for being accepted.

Touch is given to us not only for physically exploration of the world around us, but also to communicate with others by creating and maintaining social bonds. 

Hugs lower your heart rate and promote your brain cell connections, reduces stress and anxiety levels, you experience immediate feelings of pleasure and well-being.

But hugs not only have relaxing and calming effect, they also improve your sleep, reduces reactivity to stress, and even could help us fight off infections.

Research even suggests that cuddling in bed could protect us against the common cold.

If our close ones could not hug us because of separation it can increase our possibility for premature death.

Of course, not everyone craves a hug and in some cultures hugging is even not a common thing among the family members. So for those that don’t, there’s no reason to worry about missing out on the benefits of hugs – you can hug yourself and it has also been shown to regulate emotional processes and reduce stress.

Our special hug promoting items will remind you how important hugs is for your mental and physical well-being and probably it cold help you to send the big hug to those from whom you are still separated for different reasons.

Gifting with generosity is part of what makes us human.

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Cats love is the best hug gift you can send to other person as a gift. Hugs gives the feeling of security and comfort. Cats hugs each other or owner while sleeping so often and it does not leave us unimpressed to see it. It is reminder for everybody to hug each other as often as possible as hugs has important effect on our well-being.


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